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im waiting right now for leah to come over so we can smoke a blunt.… - HappyDistractions
March 20th, 2007
09:52 pm


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im waiting right now for leah to come over so we can smoke a blunt. or two.

i was just listening to the pixies song about my school, appropriately named UMASS. ive heard so many tales of the pixie era at my school. the met at umass, and got together there. at one point their building, Van Meter--or was it Baker?--tried to suseed (spelling?) from the state of massachusetts. ugh, now it just sucks.

and tell me how i was just watching the series finale of Sex and the City on TBS and i started crying. ive seen it multiple times too! such a good way to end of tv show.


In the sleepy West
Of the woody East
Is a valley full
Full o' pioneer

We're not just kids
To say the least
We got ideas
To us that's dear

Like capitalism
Like communism
Like lots of things
You've heard about

And redneckers
They get us pissed
And stupid stuff
It makes us shout

Oh dance with me
Oh don't be shy
Oh kiss me cunt
Oh kiss me cock

Oh kiss the world
Oh kiss the sky
Oh kiss my ass
Oh let it rock

Of the april birds
And the may bee
Oh baby

It's educational [8x]

Of Massachusetts, please
And here's the last five
It's educational [4x]
Eeeed eeeed uuuuh caaaah tioooon

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Date:March 21st, 2007 03:23 am (UTC)
dont feel bad, it always makes me cry too. when she drops all the pearls in the top of her gorgeous dress and then her and Big kiss on the bridge ::gasp:: just thinking about it makes me misty.
seriously, and i dont care if thats pathetic!
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